Consulate General of India


            The Government of India has decided to issue fresh tourist visas with effect from 15 October, 2021 for group tourism and from 15 November, 2021 for individual tourist travel. It may be noted that existing valid e-Tourist Visa/regular paper Tourist Visa, issued before 6 October 2021, will continue to remain suspended and travel on such visas is not permitted.

Foreign nationals residing within the consular jurisdiction of the Consulate General of India, Houston may note the following for making a tourist visa application:

i) Please visit and select REGULAR/PAPER VISA and make an application for TOURIST VISA. Fill the application, upload the photo, submit the application online, take a print-out of the visa application and sign the same. In case of a minor applicant, the visa application and the additional particulars form can be signed by either parent, but the parental authorization will need to be signed by both the parents.

ii) Thereafter, please send the following documents by courier with a return paid self-addressed envelope with tracking facility to:

Consulate General of India
4300Scotland St,
Houston, Tx, 77007

a) Copy of duly filled in and signed online visa application form and Additional Particulars Form (pdf).

b) Original passport of the applicant, as well as a copy of passport (only biographical pages), and existing visa, if any.

c) Copy of address proof (Driver’s license/ utility bill or lease agreement in the name of applicant or parents in case of minor applicant).

d) In case the applicant’s previous nationality was Indian, a copy of Renunciation Certificate/cancelled Indian passport with endorsement that foreign nationality has been acquired, If renunciation certificate has not been obtained earlier, please make an application with VFS (details available at, and enclose a copy of the fee receipt on submission of renunciation application, along with your visa application.

e) Copy of Birth Certificate of the child (if applicable).

f) Marriage Certificate of parents (in case of minor applicant).

g) In case of minor applicant, Notarized Parental authorization form (pdf), duly signed by both the parents, with copies of their passports.

It may be noted that it could take up to 10 business days (longer in certain cases) for processing of the visa on receipt of the application in the Consulate, subject to complete submission of documents. Applicants are advised not to finalize travel arrangements prior to issuance of visa. It may be noted that incomplete applications will be rejected and returned without issuance of visa. The applicants are also advised to go through the guidelines for international travel to India available at

            Since individual travel on fresh tourist visa is allowed only from 15 November, applicants are advised not to send their application to the Consulate before 10 November, 2021.

For any further questions, please send us email at